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Dr. Aathi Jothi Babu was presented with the World Record Award for the Panchaboodha Treatment !


Prof. Dr. Aathi Jothi Babu was presented with the World Record Award for the Panchaboodha Treatment- Patented, Unique kind of Treatment in Non- Medical Treatment/ Therapy.

3 Popular Organizations, viz., The World Records Union, Abdul Kalam Vision India Movements and Tamil Nadu Achievers Conference, jointly hosted an Awards Ceremony for a pathbreaking medical invention from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. on Saturday, the 12th November at Raja Annamalai Mandram near Madras High Court.  Dr. Aathi Jothi Babu, founder of A.G. Cosmic Clinic & Research Institute, the inventor of the panchaboodha treatment , was felicitated on behalf of the World Record Union for recognizing his patented non-medical invention. Christopher Taylor Craft, Official Records Officer, World Records Union (USA) & Mrs. Shareefa, Official Records Officer, World Records Union attended and presented the World Record Award to Dr. Aathi Jothi Babu.

Hon'ble Justice T. Mathivanan, Former judge of the Madras High Court and Dr. V. Ponraj, the scientific advisor of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam were the chief invitees on the occasion.  Both of them conveyed their appreciation and best wishes to our Tamil Nadu doctor for this phenomenal achievement.

Retired judges Mr Venkatesan and Mr Hariharan also graced the Awards Function as chief invitees. Deputy Commissioner of Police Eswaran, R K Nagar MLA Ebenezer, Medical College Professor Dr.Karthikeyan, Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police Rajaram, Film Director Liyakath Ali Khan, Tamil Actors Chinni Jayanth, Arulmani and Manoj Kumar, Actress Anukrishna, Lawyers Balaji and Nithya, Global Achievers Council Advisor Andrew Tyler and Namakkal SRG College of Engineering Principal Dr Raghunathan and others graced the occasion as special guests.  More than 40 scientists, achievers in various fields including Social Work were also honored with the Tamil Nadu Achiever Awards on the occasion.

Tamil Nadu Achievers Council Chairman Selvam and his team had made excellent arrangements for the function.

Professor Dr. Aathi Jothi Babu has been treating and successfully curing various kinds of short term, chronic, incurable, unexplained and hereditary diseases, related to both the body and the mind, through his patented drugless Panchaboodha Treatment.  Over the last 25 years, more than 4 lakh persons have benefited from this treatment which has no side effect whatsoever.  

The speciality of this Panchaboodha treatment is that a patent application has been obtained from the Government of India, as well as the PCT, a consortium of 152 countries.  Patent Certificates have also been obtained from the governments of Australia and South Africa. In addition, 23 copyright certificates have been obtained from the Government of India and one title certificate has been obtained from the US Government. This means that all seven stamps are copyrighted.

Another highlight of this Panchaboodha treatment is that in 2012, at a press conference held at The Winster Hastell Hotel in Salem, a diabetic's sugar level was reduced by 64 mg in 15 minutes, an example of the effectiveness of this treatment!

The ASIA BOOK OF RECORDS has already honored Dr Aathi Jothi Babu twice with Asia-level certification for his patented non-medical systems of treatment.  INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS has also recognized the treatment with Certificates at Asia Level and have also registered this achievement. 

Having mastered Acupuncture, Prof. Dr. Aathi Jothi Babu strived to evolve a more comprehensive method of diagnosis and treatment using all six elements. That motivated him to invent this new method of treatment over and above that existing Acupuncture methodology. He invented the six elements to devised the pulse diagnosis method of the six elements, their physiology, pathology and pathophysiology which highlighted a better way of understanding medical health. Rightly, Prof. Dr. Aathi Jothi Babu desired that people all over the world attain health, prosperity and wisdom using the Panchaboodha Treatment and the Divine Vajra Brahma Gnana Maha Kundalini Meditation. 

Medicines aim to prevent diseases and prolong life. Prof. Dr. Aathi Jothi Babu firmly believes that the Panchaboodha treatment would eliminate diseases and reduce the need for medicines. This defines the purpose of his life to establish various educational institutions to share and spread his knowledge. He aims to make a minimum 40 lakh doctors throughout urban and rural India to ensure holistic health using his unique techniques. Working towards accomplishing his mission, Dr. Aathi Jothi Babu supports establishing health care centres and organising awareness programmes and health camps. This keeps him focused on accomplishing his mission, better health world over. 

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