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A spectacular 2 day Clown Festival by international artists in Phoenix Marketcity !

Chennai, 21 December, 2022: On the occasion of International Clowns Day, Phoenix Marketcity hosted a magnificent clown festival by international clown artists at Courtyard, Phoenix Marketcity on 21st and 22nd December 2022. As part of the Phoenix Festival 2.0 and Christmas celebration week, the clown festival too added spice to the week with an interesting mix of mime shows, jugglery, entertaining acts and other comic performances for the people of Chennai. 

Connecting with the enthusiastic shoppers and visitors at Pheonix Marketcity, various teams of clown artists displayed their brilliant comic acts with a varied kaleidoscope of emotions thereby winning the hearts of the onlookers with good dose of fun and laughter. With the Christmas Kids Carnival happening during the weekend and huge crowds busy indulging in retail therapy, the 2 day International Clown Festival definitely enthralled the public with the team’s impressive and outstanding performance.  

About Phoenix Marketcity: A premier destination for luxury lifestyle, it provides guests a variety of opulent options. Phoenix continues to be "The" destination for the most affluent and sophisticated residents of the city as well as expats thanks to its truly international appearance and feel, elegantly decorated interiors, and the best of food, fashion, and entertainment from across the world. The mall provides Chennai with the most extensive and appealing lifestyle shopping experience. The stores represent a comprehensive mix of international, national, and regional luxury brands. Phoenix Marketcity in Chennai is more than simply a mall; it's a confluence of fascinating cultures, lovely clothes, and high-end couture. A city within a city, in an urban setting with coexisting shopping, entertainment, and leisure options.

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