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First attempt in Asia "Beginning" two movies on the same screen !


First attempt in Asia! 

"Beginning" two movies on the same screen! 

"Beginning" is an innovative film that will surprise the fans. 

Produced by Lefty Manual Creations and directed by Jagan Vijaya, the movie “Beginning” stars Vinod Kishan, Gauri Kishan, Sachin and Rohini in lead roles. The trailer of the film which was released recently has made the entire film industry look back and has left the fans in awe. For the first time in Asia, the film is made using the 'split screen' technique of showing two stories. 

For the first time ever, the words 'different', 'new experience' are the words used in every film in Tamil cinema. But what gave real meaning to these words was the “Beginning” movie trailer that stunned everyone for the first time. 

In this film, one story is narrated on the left side of the screen and another story takes place on the right side. It happens simultaneously. At the same time, the audience will not be confused. A drama, a thriller is a new kind of experience to watch two completely different events at the same time. 

Actors list 

Vinod Kishan 

Gauri G Kishan 






KPY Bala 

Technician list. 

Written & Direction : Jagan Vijaya

Music: Sundaramurthy K.S 

Cinematography: Veerakumar 

Editor: CS Premkumar 

Art : K.V. Murugamani 

Production Executive: Mariappan Ganapathi

Voice Recorder: Deelipan Iranian

Audiographer: Tony J 

Mixing : Black and white

Studio: Firefox Studio 

Color: Rajesh J 

VFX: Mohammed Akram

Pro: Johnson 

Produced by: Lefty Manual Creations 

Released by: Masterpiece 

Producer: Vijaya Muthuswamy

Associate Producer: Prabhakaran Nagaratnam, Subramani Prabhakaran, Gopi Anna, Ponni Prabhu, Anbarasi Babu.

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