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Hunt for South India's top content creators begins with Moj's MrandMsSouth !

Hunt for South India's top content creators begins with Moj's #MrandMsSouth !

Get ready to witness an epic battle as South India's top content creators fight it out in a Male vs Female creator showdown!

Starting April 24th, watch the three rounds of intense competition live on Moj and see who will claim the titles of Mr South and Ms South 

Chennai: Do you have what it takes to prove that Tamil Nadu's Chicken Chettinad is the tastiest of them all, even better than Andhra's Natu Kodi Pulusu? Are you ready for a showdown of Tollywood vs. Kollywood, where you can showcase your talent by delivering the best versions of your favorite dialogues? And, can you rally support for your beloved Chennai Super Kings to triumph over the Hyderabad Sunrisers? Get ready for the ultimate battle of the South starting 24th April -30th April 2023.

Moj India's largest short video app, presents Mr. and Ms. South, a week-long campaign featuring the best male and female creators from Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam. These talented individuals will compete in a series of contests to win exciting prizes worth ₹10K. The competition comprises of three intense rounds, and the winners will be crowned Mr. and Ms. South. But that's not all - viewers can participate too! Gifters and creators can earn rewards worth ₹10K by supporting their favorite creators through virtual gifting on Moj’s live streaming feature.

This is Moj's first South-focussed creators battle, featuring specially curated male vs. female contests on Moj Live. Each participant must go live for at least 30 minutes, and the battle must last a minimum of 20 minutes. Be prepared to witness the extraordinary talent and participate in the excitement!

The first round of MrandMsSouth, #BattleItOut, runs from April 24th-25th. Creators will battle each other across themes, from movies and sports to language, with viewers cheering them on via virtual gifts. The top 500 creators with the most cheers advance to the next round. In the second round, #MoreBattleMoreCheers, the top 100 creators will need to engage in a minimum of four creator battles based on any theme, aiming to earn the maximum number of cheers from their fans. In the third and final round, #TheUltimateBattle, creators will have to participate in a minimum of eight creator battles. The male and female creators who receive the most cheers from their audience will be crowned Mr. South and Ms. South, respectively, and will be awarded prizes worth ₹10K. Additionally, other top creators and gifters will also receive rewards worth ₹10K. 

South India is a massive talent hub, with content creators and digital superstars drawing a fanbase beyond regional boundaries. Moj Live is a popular platform for creators to boost their visibility and engagement, as well as earn through real-time, fun virtual gifting. Past Moj campaign winners from the South have enjoyed commercial success through big brand collaborations and various digital stardom opportunities.

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