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BlueStone unveils all-new campaign ‘Big Gold Upgrade’ to disrupt the concept of Old Gold Exchange !

BlueStone unveils all-new campaign ‘Big Gold Upgrade’ to disrupt the concept of Old Gold Exchange !

Offering a contemporary jewellery experience, BlueStone’s new campaign upgrades Old Gold for a higher caratage value.                

National, 16th May 2023: Furthering its commitment to innovation and customer delight, BlueStone, one of India's largest omnichannel fine jewellery brands has launched its latest campaign, the Big Gold Upgrade. This trailblazing initiative is the first-of-its-kind the country has ever seen. Encapsulating the novelty, the campaign reflects the emotional significance of Old Gold and how BlueStone is offering higher value and the latest jewellery for everyone.

With the Big Gold Upgrade, BlueStone aims to provide customers with the best possible value for their Old Gold while also allowing them to upgrade to new, stunning pieces of jewellery, disrupting the concept of moving from locker jewellery to wardrobe jewellery. Customers can now exchange their Old Gold at any BlueStone store for a higher caratage value.18Kt Old Gold gets upgraded to 22Kt value, 22Kt to 24Kt value among the key highlights of this initiative. 

The campaign features cherished jewels being discovered in lockers and worn-out trunks. The Old Gold is then exchanged for a higher value at BlueStone giving a fresh lease to old investments and allows one to relive their cherished moments. The soul-stirring voiceover beautifully captures the essence of the campaign, stating that BlueStone is not just adding value to your jewellery but also adding more love to your old pieces - illuminating them with a renewed glow that shines brighter than ever before!

Speaking on the launch, Harshna Pasari, Head of Marketing, BlueStone, said, “The Big Gold Upgrade campaign is a shining example of our unwavering commitment to the ever-evolving needs of a cosmopolitan audience and to putting stylish jewellery designs into their wardrobes, while also retaining the emotional and investment value of their Old Gold.”

"Exchanging old jewellery is not a new concept. It’s very common to see folks walking in with their gold wrapped in velvet/felt bags into stores to get them changed up for something new. The thing is though, gold isn’t like washing machines or televisions that it deserves a mere exchange. It deserves more. An upgrade. And that’s what BlueStone is offering. We were thrilled to partner with BlueStone in bringing this campaign to life," said Arvind Krishnan and Prajato Guha, Founders at Manja, the creative agency that led the campaign's conceptualisation.

With the ‘Big Gold Upgrade’ campaign, BlueStone is shifting perspective for generations by upgrading their jewellery collection with newer designs without compromising on the value pieces. The 360-degree campaign will be featured across print, in-cinemas, OOH, digital media, and retail. It can be availed across any of their 150+ retail touchpoints nationwide.

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