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Samsung sees 4X growth in demand for 5-star rating ACs in Tamil Nadu in Q1; Over 40% ACs sold are premium WindFree™ ACs !

Samsung sees 4X growth in demand for 5-star rating ACs in Tamil Nadu in Q1; Over 40% ACs sold are premium WindFree™ ACs !

Chennai, India – June 7, 2023 – Samsung India has registered 4X growth in demand for its 5-star rating AC sales in Tamil Nadu during the first quarter of 2023, on the back of growing demand for energy efficient products. During the same period, over 40% of the ACs sold were its premium WindFree™ ACs.  The company expects to continue the growth momentum in the second half of the year with it 2023 range of premium WindFree™ and 5-star air conditioners.

Designed to seamlessly blend with every style of home décor, Samsung’s 2023 air conditioner lineup comes in a beautiful dual tone design and is available in two new colors – Rose Grey and Airy Mint, apart from the White color panel. Priced at INR 35,599 onwards, the new lineup is available across all leading retail stores in the state and Samsung.com.

In addition to beautiful designs, Samsung’s 2023 range of air conditioners boasts of smart features such as Welcome Cooling and Voice Control. To address the increase in adoption of smart gadgets, the 2023 air conditioner lineup has 31 Wi-Fi-enabled models, out of which 14 models come with AI Energy Mode. AI Energy Mode uses artificial intelligence to analyze the user’s energy consumption and gives real time insights to keep the energy consumption in check based on user’s preference.

Samsung’s 5-star rating air conditioners are energy efficient and offer a higher range of maximum cooling capacity with bigger and sturdier outdoor unit, which enables not only powerful cooling but also perfect comfort. With an enhanced focus on energy saving, the 2023 air conditioner range offers 26 models with 5-star rating.

“Our 2023 range of air conditioners consists of a wide array of 5-star rating, WiFi-enabled, and premium WindFree™ models to provide powerful cooling and perfect comfort. These air conditioners are not only powerful cooling machines but also come with various features such as multi-stage filtration, low energy consumption and intelligent AI-enabled controls that adjust the cooling based on the room temperature to take consumers’ experience a notch higher,” said Ankur Kapoor, Director, RAC Business, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India.

“Samsung’s premium air conditioners, including the 2023 WindFree™ AC range, along with 5-star rating and WiFi connectivity, are the top choice among consumers due to their best-in-industry innovation and eco-conscious technology. Beyond their impressive cooling performance, Samsung air conditioners also exhibit a beautiful design that complements modern households. We are certain that the rise in demand for Samsung’s premium air conditioners will grow further strong this year,” said Mr. Vijay Vasanth, MD, Vasanth & Co., Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

The WindFree™ Good Sleep mode creates an ideal temperature without an unpleasant cold airflow and saves up to 69% energy compared to the normal cooling mode. Overall, the new range allows consumers to save up to 77% energy thanks to features like the WindFree™ Energy Saving Motion Detect Sensor, Digital Inverter Boost and AI Energy mode.

To enable a clean indoor environment, the in-built air purifier in select models of the new range comes with a 4-in-1 PM 2.5 air filter with advanced filtration technology. 4-in-1 Care Filter provides optimal protection by filtering out ultra-fine dust and sterilizing bacteria, viruses, and allergens. It reduces up to 90% harmful bacteria, up to 99% viruses and up to 98% allergens (tested by Intertek).

Apart from WindFree™ air conditioners, Samsung has 38 other models. The 5 in 1 Convertible Series offers customized operations ranging from 40% to 120%, including Home Alone Mode, which operates at 40% cooling capacity, Eco Mode (60%), Pleasant Mode (80%), Normal Mode (100%), and Party Mode (120%).

The other models also feature inbuilt Wi-Fi, PM 2.5 4-in-1 Care Filter, AI Energy Mode and Geometric & Floral patterns.

Price & Availability

Priced at INR 35,599 onwards, the new lineup is available across all leading retail stores in the state and on Samsung.com. Consumers can also get 5% cashback across retail stores and Samsung.com on all leading bank cards.

The new range comes with one year of Comprehensive Warranty, 5 years of Extended Warranty on PCB, and 10 years Warranty on Inverter Compressor.

Key Features of WindFree Acs

WindFree™ Cooling

Wind-Free™ Cooling gently and quietly disperses air through 23,000 micro air holes, so there is no unpleasant feeling of cold wind directly on skin. Its advanced airflow also cools a wider and larger area more evenly. It comes with Samsung’s 3-step Fast-Cooling mode, which can cool a room 43% faster than its conventional air condition unit.

Enhanced Wi-Fi

The new range comes with in-built Wi-Fi that allows consumers to easily manage their ACs for an enhanced experience. Consumers can connect their WindFree™ AC seamlessly with Samsung’s SmartThings app by using in-built Wi-Fi, thus allowing them to change settings or switching it on/off using Bixby voice assistant, Alexa and Google Home.

The Welcome Cooling feature helps optimize cooling using AI Auto Cooling in the SmartThings app and cools the room before the user reaches home. Further, the WindFree™ AC range saves up to 77% energy, thanks to the WindFree™ technology.

Additionally, equipped with Motion Detect Sensors, these air conditioners automatically go into an energy-saving mode if no movement is detected for 20 minutes, saving up to 43% energy. 

AI Auto Cooling

Apart from the cooling capabilities, the new lineup also offers convenience by optimizing the cooling process using AI Auto Cooling feature, thus allowing consumers to use their air conditioner more efficiently. Through its analysis of room conditions, user-preferred temperatures, cooling modes, and even the outdoor climate, it automatically switches to the most appropriate settings.

Energy Saving with Digital Inverter Boost technology

When operating in Wind-Free™ mode, the outdoor unit consumes minimal power – using up to 77% less electricity than the Fast-Cooling mode. Digital Inverter Boost technology maintains the desired temperature with less fluctuation.

Clear Air Quality

The new lineup of WindFree™ ACs is equipped with PM 1.0 filter that provides clean air by filtering out ultra-fine dust and sterilizing viruses and bacteria. This is a Semi Permeable filter that is washable and reusable, making it extremely cost-effective. The Wind-Free™ AC also boasts of PM 2.5 (4-in-1) Care filter, which keeps the air hygienic, maintain the unit’s performance, and collect up to 98.8% of harmful bacteria, selected viruses, and allergens efficiently. Its 4-in-1 Care filter collects fine dust (PM2.5).

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