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Huma Qureshi's Takes Their Family Culinary Legacy to Chennai, after massive success in Delhi !


Huma Qureshi's Takes Their Family Culinary Legacy to Chennai, after massive success in Delhi !

Chennai: In a delightful and strategic expansion, the rich legacy of Saleem's, the renowned culinary haven in Delhi, is making its way to the vibrant city of Chennai. Huma's father - Saleem Qureshi, a celebrated restauranteur whose passion for crafting exquisite Mughlai delicacies has earned him a dedicated following in the capital city. In the past five decades of the restraunt's existence, the legacy has only become richer.

Saleem's journey into the world of flavors and aromas commenced modestly, with a small rented space and an unwavering commitment to creating irresistible kebabs. Over time, his culinary prowess became legendary, and patrons flocked to his establishment not only for the delectable food but also their ability to experiments with new taste palettes.

Driven by his undeniable talent, Saleem's ambitions soared higher. In 1977, he envisioned a restaurant that would encapsulate India's rich culinary heritage, and his vision materialized into an extraordinary dining experience cherished by Delhi's food enthusiasts. Now, the Qureshi family is poised to extend their culinary magic to Chennai. The Saleem's Chennai menu will be a homage to the favourites, mixing it up with new dishes.  Collaborating with the minds behind Bask By Coffee - brothers Nirav, Bhavesh and Pratik Shah, it's a collaboration that is being awaited by food enthusiasts. It's a leap of faith and an unexpected confluence, where the casual candour of Bask meets the heritage value of Saleem's.  

Next Gen of Saleems - Huma and her brothers Hasin and Saqib are determined to take the legacy forward and branch out in more cities. The trio are looking at launching a frozen food line in addition to several new venues across various cities being opened.  

Qureshi tells us, "We're incredibly excited to bring a taste of Saleem's to the vibrant city of Chennai. This expansion is more than just a new chapter for us—it's a celebration of flavors, cultures, and the love we have for creating memorable dining experiences. Chennai's rich culinary heritage inspires us to present our best. This journey is a beautiful fusion of traditions, and we can't wait to see how Chennai embraces the taste of Saleem's."


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