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Anandana' - Coca-Cola India Foundation spearheads waste management drive at ICC Men's Cricket !

Anandana' - Coca-Cola India Foundation spearheads waste management drive at ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023

Chennai, November 18, 2023: To drive the mission of supporting sustainability efforts as an integral part 

of all sporting events, The Coca-Cola India Foundation – 'Anandana', in partnership with the International 

Cricket Council (ICC) and United Way of Mumbai, has initiated a project focused on waste management 

during the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023. This waste management initiative aligns with Coca-Cola's 

global commitment to creating a World Without Waste. The foundation's sustainable packaging platform 

aims to achieve ambitious targets: ensuring 100% global recyclability of packaging by 2025, utilising a 

minimum of 50% recycled material in packaging by 2030 (Design); committing to collecting and recycling 

a bottle or can for everyone sold by 2030 (Collect); and fostering community engagement to nurture a 

cleaner, debris-free environment (Partner).

Throughout the tournament, a workforce of more than 1000 volunteers, donning the safety jackets crafted 

from recycled PET bottles, have been deployed across the ten stadiums where the World Cup matches are 

taking place. These dedicated volunteers will be responsible for educating spectators on proper waste 

segregation, ensuring waste is correctly sorted into designated bins, and leaving the stadiums in an 

environmentally pristine condition – a testament to the commitment towards a greener future.

Recognising their efforts, a lunch was organised in Chennai and was attended by 240 housekeeping staff, 

Mr. Britto - Engineer MA Chidambaram stadium, and 3 Coca-Cola India representatives.

Photo Caption: Lunch organized for 240 housekeeping staff in Chennai

Devyani Rajya Laxmi Rana, Vice President, Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability for CocaCola India and Southwest Asia, said, "The Coca-Cola India Foundation – ‘Anandana’ is facilitating waste 

management at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, in all the 10 stadiums during the 48 matches. This 

initiative would not have been possible without the support of ICC, the host city stadium management, 

United Ways of Mumbai and the on-ground housekeeping volunteers. We applaud the unwavering spirit 

of the volunteers who are our off-the-field heroes. This initiative aligns with our global 

strategy called World Without Waste which drives systemic change through a circular economy for 


Coca-Cola India aims to recover about 200 metric tonnes of waste, and it will be utilised to create benches

which will be placed in the host cities. 

Chris Tetley, Head of Events, International Cricket Council (ICC), said, "We are thrilled to join hands with 

our valued partners, associates, and venues to ensure sustainable waste disposal at all the ICC venues. The 

waste management initiative spearheaded during the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023, in collaboration 

with The Coca-Cola India Foundation – 'Anandana' and United Way of Mumbai, epitomises our unwavering 

commitment towards sustainability. Together, we are fostering community engagement, proper waste 

segregation, and the promotion of a cleaner, debris-free environment. This endeavour is a testament to 

our dedication to a greener future and a sustainable sporting experience."

George Aikara, Chief Executive Officer, United Way of Mumbaisaid, "The #MaidanSaaf initiative has been 

close to our heart. We support Coca-Cola to create a sustainable and positive impact on communities and 

livelihoods. We are working diligently to accelerate our waste recycling initiative, and through the latest 

drive, we want to stress the importance of waste recycling during the event. We are following our Collective 

Community Impact model, collaborating with multiple stakeholders, including the local government 

administration, civil society groups and the concerned vendors. Thus, the campaign can potentially make

World Without Waste a collective mission for all."

To ensure a sustainable sporting experience, Coca-Cola India, during the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 

2023, has launched #MaidaanSaaf. As part of this initiative, Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) have been 

installed at various stadium touchpoints for our fans to responsibly dispose of their PET bottles. Coca-Cola 

India and ICC have also introduced National Flags and ICC Unity Flags made from post-consumer PET 

bottles. PET bottles were recycled by Go-Revise, a brand by Ganesha Ecosphere, to produce yarn, 

subsequently used for the flags. These flags are being used during the National Anthem Ceremony in each


Thums Up and Limca Sportz are the official beverage and sports drink partners for the ICC Men's Cricket 

World Cup India 2023. Coca-Cola India is undertaking many activations during the World Cup, including 

online and offline fan and consumer engagements, to build awareness around waste management.

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