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Asto Labs service helps you save time and money !


Asto Labs service helps you save time and money

Chennai 23, November 2023: Offering the best service possible is the only way to do justice to the world of science and technology. It is with noble principle in mind that ‘Asto Labs’ offers its service to the people, on an “Aggregator basis” (like Ola, Uber, etc.)

In other words, persons requiring medical diagnostic services can contact us easily on our app. Our well-trained ‘Asto Labs’ representatives shall promptly make a free house-visit to collect the test samples from you, thus saving you from unnecessary trips to the labs, and waiting. 

The samples are then taken to an N.A.B.L lab, one of the nationwide authorised labs for medical tests. The test results are usually ready the same day, and are delivered to the user on the app. 

People don’t have to depend on just one lab for their test results. This service is fast and saves money. It is worth mentioning that in the wide world of service market, the expense incurred by the user is reduced by up to 30 percent by Asto Labs service procedure. It is on this basis that we have designed the process. 

This is not just a package-based service; it can also be designed based on the doctor’s prescription. This saves you from the hassle of undergoing futile tests and medical procedures. You can ask for custom-made diagnostic service to suit your requirements. 

The ‘Asto Labs’ representatives are ready from 6.00 in the morning to collect your samples. This is the first time in the disease diagnostics field that the aggregator method is being used with Tamil Nadu as the base. 

Currently being launched in Chennai, the service shall soon be available in all the main cities, and future plans include making it available all over the state and the neighbouring ones too. 

You can avail up to 80% discounts on our various diagnostic packages. 

With more than 12 years’ experience in the world of medical diagnostics, we are launching this service on the 23rd, with our revolutionary objective to provide accurate results, while saving money and time for the user. This service is being brought to you by our founder, our very own Mr. Venkat Krishnan.

The modest launch, to be held at Chepauk’s Press Club, shall have Dr. K. Balakrishnan (Founder-Director of KM Hospital and Bloom, and KM Specialty Hospital Chain of Hospitals). He has been the caring family doctor of most of the families in Chennai for more than 46 years now!

With the blessings and support of the people, we are all set to expand our horizon in this specialised service sector. 

Support us…benefit from us!

Thank you!


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