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CMDA appointed REPL for Chennai Outer Ring Road Growth Corridor Plan !

 CMDA appointed REPL for Chennai Outer Ring Road Growth Corridor Plan !

Chennai, November 15, 2023: Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) has appointed Rudrabhishek Enterprises Limited (REPL) to prepare a Detailed Development Plan for the Chennai Outer Ring Road (CORR) Growth Corridor. 

Authority envisions the outer ring road as a high-growth corridor with sustainable levels of density. It is expected to attract business and industrial activities in and around Chennai due to improved infrastructure and a higher floor space index. This project strives to create a more connected, affordable, and vibrant city by reducing transportation costs, attracting business investments, and developing quality public spaces. This corridor having area of 125 Sq. Km. will be developed on the concept of TOD (Transit Oriented Development) with multiple transportation facilities. 

Mr. Pradeep Misra (CMD  REPL) said, Chennai stands at a critical juncture with escalating traffic issues and strained infrastructure due to rapid urban growth. Upgrading existing systems is imperative to address these challenges. The city's traffic congestion severely impacts lives and impedes economic progress. The Outer Ring Road project signifies a crucial step toward relieving these concerns. This initiative aims to create a high-growth corridor, alleviating congestion while fostering economic development. A modern, sustainable infrastructure plan is crucial to meet current and future urban demands. We are committed to utilizing our three decades of expertise in urban & infrastructure consultancy for Outer Ring Road development.

Mr. Prabhakar Kumar (Business Head-Urban, REPL) said, We will extensively review the existing planning frameworks, Development Plans, and Regulations specific to the planning area. This will also include preparation of exclusive Detailed Development Plan for Chennai Outer Ring Road growth corridor, 1 km on either side. Identification & delineation of the most suitable areas for implementation of the Land Pooling Area Development Scheme (LPADS) will be part of consultancy assignment. We will also prepare a plan for the sustainable economic development for balanced urbanisation. The blueprint will include the type and phasing of investments, and methods of implementation and establish the impact assessment of these investments on the local and regional economy. The whole development concept will be TOD based.”

REPL has been providing its consultancy services in many of Government of Indias flagship infrastructure projects such as Smart Cities, PMAY, & AMRUT at multiple locations under various capacities. In Tamil Nadu, the company has been intensively involved as BIM consultant for phase II of the Chennai Metro Rail Project, Street Vending Plan for Chennai City, PMC for construction work of CMRL at multiple locations.  

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