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MEA Receives the Best Performing Ministry Award for AKAM !

MEA Receives the Best Performing Ministry Award for AKAM !

17 th November,Chennai : The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) was honoured with the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav (AKAM) Award for being the top-performing Ministry during the AKAM period, earlier this month. This recognition stemmed from the diverse activities undertaken by the Ministry within India and abroad through its Missions. These activities predominantly centred around increased participation of the Indian diaspora in Mission-related endeavours, fostering cultural ties with global partners.

A pivotal initiative by the MEA to commemorate the Amrit Mahotsav was the global celebration of yoga. This encompassed yoga workshops and training sessions conducted both in-person and online, considering the global recovery from the pandemic. Special talks were organized to elaborate on the benefits of yoga. Indian Missions collaborated with experienced yoga trainers to showcase the significance and potency of yoga in promoting a healthy lifestyle worldwide.

Moreover, in collaboration with 79 countries and various UN organizations, India, under the leadership of the MEA and its Missions, orchestrated the 'Guardian Yoga Ring' exercise last year. This exercise aimed to illustrate yoga's unifying power transcending national boundaries.

To mark the Amrit Mahotsav, the MEA partnered with 75 institutes of eminence and excellence to share critical insights into Indian foreign policy with the country's youth. The Videsh Niti Lecture Series involved students from all states, including remote cities, enlightening them about international relations and inspiring them to pursue careers in the Indian Foreign Services. These lectures were delivered by retired ambassadors.

The Indian diaspora in foreign countries was actively engaged by Indian Missions through community events, including tree plantations, sports competitions, art & craft contests, and cycle rallies. Such activities were particularly prominent during each Mission's dedicated AKAM week, where different missions celebrated Amrit Mahotsav individually.

An iconic highlight of the MEA's Amrit Mahotsav celebration was the illumination of landmark monuments worldwide in the Indian tricolor. Coordinated by the MEA, renowned structures like the Sydney Opera House, Burj Khalifa, and Empire State Building lit up in the tricolor, commemorating 75 years of India's independence.

In essence, the MEA's myriad initiatives during the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav have significantly contributed to showcasing and enhancing India's global image across the world and within its own borders, leading to the acknowledgment of being the best-performing Ministry during the AKAM period.

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