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No more morning goof ups with the all new Colgate MaxFresh !


No more morning goof ups with the all new Colgate MaxFresh ! 

Discover how Colgate MaxFresh, with its new and unique technology, wakes you up like never before & prevents morning goof-ups 

Chennai,02 November, 2023 – Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited, the market leader in Oral Care, introduces a refreshing and whimsical campaign that embraces the world of morning goof-ups. In a playful take on morning drowsiness, Colgate MaxFresh highlights the notion that when we’re feeling sleepy, we tend to deviate from our usual selves and commit amusing bloopers.

Anaswar Rajagopal, Director, Toothpaste (Family & Equity) Marketing at Colgate-Palmolive India, expressed the inspiration behind the campaign, stating, “It is a universal truth that you don’t feel like yourself if you are not fully awake. Consequently, during such moments, you find yourselves making silly mistakes like- boarding an elevator without pressing the desired floor button, locking the house door only to realise that the car keys are left behind, or sending a long email and missing out on the attachment! 

Colgate MaxFresh understands you and gets you ready for a goof up free morning. The toothpaste ‘instantly’ wakes you up, with a burst of intense freshness, setting the tone for a vibrant start. With this ad film, we wanted to create exaggerations of possible slip ups to drive home the message that brushing with Maxfresh gives you a jolt of morning freshness that makes you alert and wakeful."

About the film:

The light-hearted ad unfolds with a groggy doctor walking in with a bed attached to his back to represent how he has still not fully woken up. Due to his grogginess , he makes a lot of funny goof-ups which surprises everyone around. The senior nurse comes to his aid by offering him the new Colgate Maxfresh with unique cooling crystals which refreshes him; post which he feels fully awake and ready. This quirky message emphasizes the importance of morning wakefulness to ensure you start the day goof-up free.

Watch the ad film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFSVk0Er_6U

This new campaign is accompanied with a product relaunch as well. The new Colgate MaxFresh toothpaste now has a superior technology that offers 10X longer lasting cooling* to consumers. A freshness experience so unique and intense that it will help you to truly wake up in the morning!

Juneston Mathana, WPP@CP, talked about the campaign, “The last thing that needs to be a part of our morning routine is sleep. Sleepy mornings often end up becoming a recipe for goof-ups. We’ve all experienced it and probably also find it funny later. So when the idea of a person carrying his bed like a backpack was floated around by Priyanka Patyal from my team, we all woke up from our creative slumber. Even Harshad & Kainaz knew we had cracked it for Colgate MaxFresh. The toothpaste with cooling crystals that kicks the sleep out of you. Directed by Ayappa, this one is pure functional and pure fun.”

Colgate MaxFresh is known for its commitment to delivering superior and innovative oral care products. This unique campaign not only highlights the brand's dedication to freshness but also serves as a reminder of the positive influence it can have on individuals, even in the most demanding circumstances.


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