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சற்று முன்

Take it easy !

 Sunil Prem Vyas has scripted and directed this Children’s film that delivers some strong messages to parents who try to thrust their own aspirations and ambitions on their children without letting their children to plan for themselves!

The film has been set against the happenings in most of the metros involving parents and their children with the screenplay set around two kids in the age group of 10-12 years. These two kids are close to each other but owing to competitive spirit and jealousy, they get separated. But soon, emotions play a part and they re-unite!

The crux of the film focuses on the attitudes of most of the parents who plan the future of their children and force them to go only in that direction while they forget the point that children also have their own plans of action for their future depending upon their capabilities and passion! Out of fear for their parents, they go by the directives of their parents and in the process they lose their sense of direction! Finally, they not only fail to fulfil the wishes and dreams of their parents but also fail to fructify their own dreams! So, parents have to be very understanding with the expectations of their children and should give them a free hand to them while they pursue their dream-plans!


Cast - Vikram Gokhale, Raj Zutshi, Supriya Karnik, Dipannita Sharma and Anang Desai

Written and Directed by-Sunil Prem Vyas


கருத்துகள் இல்லை