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Toyota Kirloskar Motor redefines Customer Experience with Industry-first “Awesome New Car Delivery Solution” !


Toyota Kirloskar Motor redefines Customer Experience with Industry-first “Awesome New Car Delivery Solution” !

CHENNAI, 15 February 2024: In line with its commitment to ‘customer-first approach’ and creating awesome buying experience through value added services, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd. (Toyota Kirloskar Motor/TKM) today announced the introduction of its “Awesome New Car Delivery Solution”, an initiative to be implemented by TKM’s authorised dealers as a part of their sales process. The new initiative aims at extending vehicle logistic services till delivery touchpoints by eliminating possible drive down of new cars by the Dealer staff to the delivery location. As an industry first, the new initiative will enable Toyota Dealers to transport new vehicles from dealer stockyards to their sales outlets on a flat-bed truck. This will ensure new vehicles to reach the final delivery outlets of the dealerships without driving the new vehicles on road, even in rural and semi-urban locations where last mile logistics pose challenges.

With the launch of the Phase I of this program, customers from 26 states with 130 dealerships, will enjoy this trustworthy and delightful car buying experience at Toyota dealerships. The key highlights include:

Peace of mind and awesome delivery experience – Secured transport service to all customer delivery touchpoint 

No additional cost to be borne by the customer

Setting new industry benchmark – Consistent, standardized and trustworthy buying experience to customers nationwide

Utmost convenience and care – Flatbed carriers for safe transportation, backed by transit insurance.

Speaking on the initiative, Mr. Sabari Manohar – Vice President, Sales-Service-Used Car Business, Toyota Kirloskar Motor said, "At Toyota Kirloskar Motor, our commitment to customer-centricity is paramount. We consistently strive to innovate, aiming to enrich the end-to-end customer journey for a truly awesome ownership experience. The introduction of the “Awesome New Car Delivery Solution” initiative to be executed by our Dealers exemplifies our unwavering commitment to excellence. Offering movement of new cars from dealer stockyards to dealer showrooms through a carrier service, at no additional cost to the customers, will not only bring peace of mind but will also establish a uniform purchasing experience across all locations by effectively minimizing transit-related issues. As we continue to broaden our focus on providing access to our world-class products and services, we believe this initiative will particularly benefit customers in rural and semi-urban areas, where movement of vehicles large trucks, remains a challenge and new vehicles are often driven to the delivery location by road from Dealer stock yard.

More than just a car delivery program, the “Awesome New Car Delivery Solution” Initiative is about crafting exceptional experiences and delivering enhanced value to our customers by bringing curated solutions.

As a part of the program, dealerships have tied-up with expert logistic company to implement seamless “Awesome New Car Delivery Solution”. This innovative approach involves the utilization of flatbed single car carriers, effectively mitigating the risks associated with transportation of new vehicles and elevating the overall safety and reliability of the vehicle transportation process. Furthermore, to fortify the protection of vehicles during transportation, transit insurance is provided through Insurance Companies. This additional layer of coverage reaffirms utmost dedication in delivering new vehicles to customers in line with enhanced expectation.

Over the years, TKM has strived to improve customer experiences throughout the entire purchase and ownership cycle by implementing timely and relevant initiatives through value-added services that include the newly introduced 5-Years of Complimentary Roadside Assistance Program and specialized schemes, aimed to make the dream of owning a Toyota vehicle a reality, ensuring a joyful ownership experience for our existing customers.

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