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Oral – B Toothbrush Powered by Innovative Criss Cross Bristles Bats Alongside Cricketer Rohit Sharma in its New Campaign !

Oral – B Toothbrush Powered by Innovative Criss Cross Bristles Bats Alongside Cricketer Rohit Sharma in its New Campaign 

The Oral-B toothbrush powered by Criss Cross technology offers an irresistible solution for healthy teeth.

Ensuring a deep clean in tough corners, the Oral-B toothbrush highlights the importance of choosing the right toothbrush to avoid dental problems.

Mumbai, 15th April 2024: Oral-B, an industry leader in oral care innovation from the house of P&G, and the World’s #1 dentist recommended toothbrush brand, today unveiled its latest campaign shining a spotlight on, Oral-B Criss Cross. Designed by dental professionals Oral-B Criss Cross introduces a leading innovation in toothbrushes with advanced Criss Cross bristling technology. The brand also welcomes Indian cricketing sensation Rohit Sharma, as its newest brand ambassador through the latest campaign that has been conceptualized by DDB Mudra.

Reports suggest that 49%* consumers are dissatisfied with the level of cleaning their brush provides. Oral-B's Criss Cross technology enables a deep clean with the toothbrush’s adaptability to every mouth, every need, and every style of brushing. The brush is also seen effectively targeting difficult corners of the mouth as compared to a straight bristle flat trim brush, ensuring every smile can get a deep clean. By embracing the Criss Cross innovation, users can enjoy a thorough and efficient clean, ensuring better overall oral health versus an ordinary flat trim brush.

Gopalakrishnan Kalianna, Vice President & Category Head - Oral Care, P&G India shared, " There exists a common perception about all toothbrushes functioning the same way, leading to consumers being unaware about selecting the right solution. 49%* consumers are currently dissatisfied with the cleaning their brush provides. We recognize the need for innovation and education. Oral B’s Criss Cross technology, priced starting Rs 50, offers consumers a revolutionary choice for achieving better oral hygiene. We are also thrilled to introduce our latest campaign with the ace Indian cricketer – Rohit Sharma, highlighting Oral-B’s ongoing dedication to transforming oral care for every individual and educating them on making the right decision for their oral care. With this breakthrough, we firmly believe that Oral-B Criss Cross will empower consumers to get to healthier smiles.” 

* Based on P&G online survey on Oral care habits & needs, conducted in India with 500 respondents in April'21 

Adding on, Gopal, shares his thoughts on associating with Rohit Sharma, “Joining forces with Rohit Sharma is an exciting milestone for Oral-B. Renowned as the indisputable ‘Hitman’ of cricket for his powerful sixes on the field, his impact finds its parallel in Oral-B Criss Cross, effectively knocking germs out of the park. As one of India's most beloved sports icons, Rohit's dedication to his craft and his pursuit of excellence aligns with Oral-B's commitment to delivering exceptional oral care solutions that delight our consumers, thus making him the perfect choice for us.”

Expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership, Rohit Sharma shared, “Recognizing the pivotal role of oral health in our overall well-being, I'm thrilled to join hands with a legacy brand like Oral-B. Their innovative approach, to integrate tech into Oral-B Criss Cross, not only enhances dental care but brings healthier smiles. With this new campaign, I hope everyone realizes the benefits and prioritizes their oral hygiene."

Rahul Mathew, Chief Creative Officer, DDB Mudra Group said, "Oral-B's Criss Cross bristles revolutionized the way a brush cleans your mouth. And in Rohit, we have someone who has revolutionized the way India plays cricket. So, we got the hitman to make sure the message hits home - Choose Oral-B Criss Cross for a healthy smile.”

The partnership between Oral-B and Rohit Sharma underscores the brand's unwavering commitment to empower individuals to achieve better oral health outcomes and underscores its position as a trusted leader in the oral care industry.

The Oral-B Criss Cross brush is available in Modern Trade stores, on e-commerce & quick commerce platforms and in your nearest Kirana/Chemist stores as well.

Campaign link: < https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJ4Ytof5r1A >

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