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Alerio X-Rays Launching The Next Array of Excellence at Medicall Expo in Chennai Trade Centre !


Alerio X-Rays Launching The Next Array of Excellence at Medicall Expo in Chennai Trade Centre !

ALERIO X-Rays is an Indian Brand with over a decade of experience in producing X-Rays  for Medical & Dental diagnosis.  

Chennai 28th July 2023, ALERIO X-Rays is excited to launch of the next array of Excellence in X-Ray Imaging across the segment of Fixed, Mobile and Portable X-Rays by 

ALERIO X-rays is designed and manufactured by Iatome Electric (I) Pvt Ltd. ALERIO X-Rays products incorporate simplicity, safety, and affordability in all its designs. The company believes in offering the best performing and technologically advanced equipment without the fancy features or high cost associated with such critical medical equipment. 

ALERIO Maestro 300i

ALERIO Maestro 300i, an advanced state of the art Fixed X-ray solution capable of enabling Fasted, Safer and Superior X- ray imaging for better diagnosis and treatment.

ALERIO Smart 8000

ALERIO Smart 8000, a Dynamic Compact Mobile X-Ray system that elevates treatment outcome of patients who cannot be mobilised out of Intensive Care Units or Special wards. It can work even if mains power is not available.

ALERIO Smart 2600

ALERIO Smart 2600, a Versatile Compact Portable battery powered X-ray System weighing less than 12 kg. The product is of much significance since it fits into various applications such as enabling diagnosis in remote locations, medical camps, mobile diagnostic vehicles and  small clinics.

Made In India

ALERIO’s array of products are Made In India. A dedicated team of experienced engineers and technical specialists design, develop and manufacture every single product inhouse keeping simplicity, safety and affordability in mind. 

Each product design and its manufacturing, sales and service follows ISO13485 quality process. The products themselves are designed to meet international IEC standards and are certified by independent regulatory agencies.


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