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The Coca-Cola Foundation and CENDECT ICAR KVK positively impacting the lives of 2000 women farmers in Theni !

Economic Empowerment Initiative: The Coca-Cola Foundation and CENDECT ICAR KVK positively impacting the lives of 2000 women farmers in Theni 

 Felicitating women farmers to recognize their relentless efforts

Helping horticulture women farmers improve farming, increase yields, and expand income opportunities for better sustainability

Transitioned from farming to value-added products, the initiative boosted incomes by up to 120%, empowering women farmers as horticulture entrepreneurs

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 26th August 2023 – The Coca-Cola Foundation, in partnership with ICAR Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) CENDECT, announced the successful completion of its Horticulture value addition project in Theni, Tamil Nadu through a State-level conference on "Economic Empowerment of Horticulture Women Development with Value Added Products," The project aimed to empower and skill women farmers of the region. Over 10 women farmers were felicitated by the dignitaries during the event for showcasing their agricultural expertise and value-added product creation. Overall, this endeavour empowered 2,000 women farmers in Theni, enabling them to embrace entrepreneurial roles.

Additionally, the Coca-Cola Foundation and CENDECT ICAR KVK have created Self-Help Groups (SHGs) for women, thereby propelling them beyond conventional farming practices and diversifying their income streams by producing value-added items like biscuits, cookies, and banana fiber-based sarees.

"Our collaboration with CENDECT ICAR KVK reflects our commitment to fostering sustainable agricultural practices and empowering communities. As part of a dynamic partnership involving various stakeholders across Tamil Nadu – including horticulture colleges, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, and local Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) – we have joined forces to create an inclusive ecosystem. Through our horticulture value addition project, we aim to uplift women farmers with skill development opportunities and spark entrepreneurship. This collaborative effort underscores our commitment to ensuring farmers' holistic well-being, enabling them to stand independently and thrive," stated Saadia Madsbjerg, VP- Global Community Affairs, Coca-Cola, and President, Coca-Cola Foundation.

Speaking about the program, Dr. P. Patchaimal, Chairman, CENDECT ICAR KVK, said, "We believe that economic empowerment is a catalyst for sustainable development. By synergizing with The Coca-Cola Foundation and our fruitful partnership, we have equipped women farmers with the essential tools and resources. This collaboration has ignited a ripple effect of positive change, radiating within individual farms and resonating across entire communities."

As The Coca-Cola Foundation and CENDECT ICAR KVK continue their journey towards fostering economic empowerment among women farmers, the horticulture value addition project stands as a beacon of transformation, enabling women to emerge as powerful agents of change in their communities.


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