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ISACA conducts conference on "Technology Sprints... Is Security Agile !

ISACA conducts conference on "Technology Sprints... Is Security Agile?" !

 Chennai 8th Sep 2023: ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) has been a global leader in the Governance of Information Systems and Information Technology for over 50 years. The first chapter formed in India, the Chennai chapter of ISACA, with 37 years of service, is committed to continuous learning and spreading security awareness. This year's Annual Conference conducted at Le Royal Meridien, Chennai carries the theme "Technology Sprints... Is Security Agile?". The conference addresses whether our security measures can keep up with the rapid pace of technological advancement. it also aims to assess security agility, explore innovative approaches, share best practices, and discuss emerging security trends. It focuses on countering ransomware, cyber warfare, and insider risks.

Inaugurating the conference, Chief Guest Mr. Manoj Abraham, IPS, ADGP Intelligence, Kerala Police, emphasized that cybersecurity should not be an afterthought but an integral part of any security strategy. He stressed the need for cybersecurity professionals to be as agile as the very technology they protect. Mr. Abraham quoted Robert Mueller, who famously stated that companies fall into two categories: those that have been attacked and those that will be. He underscored the importance of broadening one's mindset, deepening skillsets, and sharpening toolsets to effectively adapt to the ever-evolving challenges in the cybersecurity landscape.

The Keynote address was delivered by Ms. Srimathi Shivashankar, Corporate Vice President & Head Ed Tech Business, HCL technologies. She talked about the realm of cybersecurity, where prioritizing people over processes and products is crucial. To achieve this, it's imperative to create training programs that are both user-friendly and engaging, catering to individuals at every level of the hierarchy, from the Board of Directors (BoD) to executives. Furthermore, she emphasized that the focus of cybersecurity efforts should shift towards understanding the objectives of cyber criminals rather than merely addressing perceived vulnerabilities. Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) should transition into proactive advisors rather than reactive incident responders. Additionally, compliance training should be infused with innovation, and the boards should incorporate discussions on cybersecurity into their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives and annual reports.

Chapter President Mr. Vaidyanathan Chandramouli, Mr. Mahesh Balakrishnan, the Director of the Chapter's program, Sripathy Raagav, the Vice President of the Chapter, all spoke at the event, welcoming the participants and thanking the sponsors.


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