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Retired Insurance Employees Association ( RIEA ) CHENNAI !

Retired Insurance Employees Association  ( RIEA ) CHENNAI ! 

1. RIEA was Founded Exactly 25 years ago.

2. The Silver Jubilee Year is being celebrated at Annanagar Towers Club on a grand scale.

3. Our Retired Executive Director (of L. I. C. of India) Mr.R. B.Kishore is one of the Founders of this Association and he has championed the cause of  the Retired L. I. C. Employees.

He is our Chief Patron Pan India.

Presently, the  working President is Mr.Sitaraman and the President is Mr. D. Thalakkiah.

The RIEA is Looking after All Classes of Retired Employees,  Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 & Class 4.

We Serve The Needy Retired Insurance Employees By following their Group Insurance,  Medi Claim etc. Every Year In August Existence Certificate  (Proof of Existence Certificate ) & follow it up at our respective Chennai Divisions 1 & 2 and Zonal Office.

We conduct a 3- Day Tour Program twice a Year.

Once in 2 Months, we conduct Executive Committee  Meetings, discuss, deliberate and decide on vital issues.

If any Member  expires, we ensure that His / Her family  gets Family Pension.

Recently The Family Pension has been increased from 15 % To 30 %.

It is the outcome of the consolidated efforts of the Leaders and Members along with Management.


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