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Miles for a Cause: K10K Cancer Awareness Run by Kauvery Hospital Draws Families, Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts !

Miles for a Cause: K10K Cancer Awareness Run by Kauvery Hospital Draws Families, Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts !

Over 4700 people participated in the run to raise awareness on Cancer and early detection

The run comprised two categories- 10Kms and 5Kms

Chennai, 28th January, 2024 – In a prelude to World Cancer Day which falls on  February 4th, Kauvery Hospital Chennai successfully organized the second edition of the K10K Run following the remarkable success of last year's edition. The run, held at the Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School, Besant Nagar, witnessed an incredible turnout of over 4700 participants, including fitness enthusiasts, professional runners, families, corporate employees, and students, all uniting to raise awareness about cancer.

This initiative, featuring both 10 km and 5 km categories, aimed to emphasize the importance of early detection and prevention of cancer. The event marked a significant stride in creating awareness about the disease, which remains a global health concern.  The 10 km Flag off was done by Thiru Sandeep Rai Rathore DGP Commissioner of Police Greater Chennai and 5Km was flagged off by Assistant Commissioner of Police Thiru Murugesan. 

Cancer remains a formidable health challenge in India, with a rising incidence and a substantial burden on healthcare systems. Lack of awareness about the disease, often leads to delayed diagnosis and treatment. Initiatives focused on cancer awareness play a vital role in addressing this issue, emphasizing the significance of regular screenings, early detection, and lifestyle modifications. With a holistic approach that combines awareness, accessibility, and advancements in treatment, Kauvery Hospital is striving to reduce the impact of cancer and improve outcomes for affected individuals.

Dr. A.N. Vaidhyswaran, Director Radiation Oncology at Kauvery Hospital Chennai, emphasized the critical role of awareness in cancer prevention. He stated, "Despite advancements in diagnostics and treatments, many individuals still lack awareness about the importance of regular screenings. Early detection is key to improving survival rates, and through the cancer awareness run, we aimed to highlight the symptoms and encourage proactive health measures.”

Dr. Aravindan Selvaraj, Executive Director & Co-Founder of Kauvery Group Hospital expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response to the run and praised the participants for supporting a noble cause. He said, "Our multimodal and exclusive approach to cancer care integrates with our goal of spreading awareness. The run served as a platform not only for cancer awareness but also to promote fitness as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. We appreciate the enthusiastic participation of all runners and extend our thanks to the Chennai Traffic Police and the Greater Chennai Corporation for their valuable support.”

Winners from various age groups in both men and women categories were celebrated for their exceptional achievements in the 10 km run. 

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